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Edgar Martinez is a business professional, humanitarian and retired Major League Baseball All-Star. He was born on January 2, 1962 in New York City and raised by his grandparents in the Maguayo neighborhood of Dorado, Puerto Rico. While performing as a stand-out semi-pro, Edgar caught the eye of Seattle Mariners scout, Marty Martinez. After a tryout, he signed with the Mariners as an undrafted free agent in 1982 and made his Major League debut in 1987. From that point on, he was a mainstay in the team’s lineup until his retirement in 2004.


Edgar Martinez used The Pacific Institute’s mental coaching to help with his game off the field. With over two decades of Major League Baseball experience, Edgar recognized that this element of athletic training was often lacking. In 2012, Edgar partnered with The Pacific Institute to help bridge this gap.  Reflecting his championship history with Major League Baseball, Edgar blends his talents in baseball mechanics with the mental technology of The Pacific Institute. By learning and understanding how the human mind works, how their current habits, attitudes and beliefs shape their expectations for the future, young athletes learn that they are in control of the way they think and can use that power to enhance their performance and the way they live their lives.