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When the Jakarta Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Indonesia sought to revamp its productivity outputs, it turned to The Pacific Institute to provide a foundation and common language to help facilitate the positive change.

As a leading vendor in its industry, the Indonesia Coca-Cola Bottling Plant offered The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence® program to employees and management. The resulting culture changed helped Jakarta Coca-Cola meet the productivity increases it sought.

“During the time that we have been using Investment in Excellence® at our Jakarta Bottling Plant, production output has increased from 25,000 cases per day to 50,000, production efficiency has increased from 33% to 70% and sales have doubled,” says Martono, Productions Manager at the Jakarta Coca-Cola Bottling Plant.

“Investment in Excellence® has become the common language that is opening lines of communication between all levels of the plant. This is helping to achieve quicker response time and more direct lines of communication.”

On January 21st, 2009, Coca-Cola Tianjin held a Chinese New Year Celebration party with the theme of “New Year, New Views, New Hope”, attended by about 800 employees. From this moment, a grand year for Coca-Cola Tianjin began to unveil. When Coca-Cola Tianjin celebrated its first achievement of a hundred million milestone in the Great Hall of the People on October 30th 2009, how many Coca-Cola Tianjin employees would have imagined that they would achieve the operating profit and net profit for the whole year two months ahead of schedule? Who would have thought that the company would reach its sales target of a hundred million standard cases 13 days in advance? How many Coca-Cola Tianjin employees had imagined that they could achieve the goal and surpass sales/profit targets within the year?

Yajie Pei, Director of Human Resources of Coca-Cola Tianjin, who facilitated the Investment In Excellence® (IIE®) seminar for the corporation, said, “Investment In Excellence® helps everyone to achieve excellence. Most companies focus on skills training for their workforce; however, the key point of our training is to change beliefs and transform one’s life. Through the seminar, the way we think gradually changes. What we once thought was impossible, we now try our best to find ways to materialize it. From our previous “Field Intensive” training to the current Investment In Excellence® training, the corporation has successfully migrated to a constructive organization culture from a defensive one.”

“The best investment is the investment in people.” The better the quality of training, the grander the capabilities of our talent. The grander the capabilities of our talent, the greater the strength of the corporation. Thus is the importance of company training and the human resources department. Investment In Excellence® is the training that fuels the capabilities of our employees. The greater their capabilities, the bigger their dreams. Investment In Excellence® trains us in every aspect of life: Fuel capabilities – Go after dreams – Enjoy the life.

The change in the employees’ awareness is only part of Investment In Excellence®’s effectiveness. The management expects, in the near future, a fundamental growth in the abilities of those that acquire the Investment In Excellence® concept. Let everyone achieve excellence; that is the corporation’s investment for its employee’s own benefits. It is part of the whole-person philosophy.

A corporation survives and thrives on profit. Yet the key lies with its employees. The rise of employee productivity relies on alignment, through training, of the employees’ mind with the corporation’s goals so that all will strive for them. The Human Resources Department makes lays the foundation for it and powers the improvement of execution. Through a series of training, our employees have already applied what they learned in the seminar into their work. “Are you excellent today?” became the buzzword within Coca-Cola Tianjing.

At the start of 2009 as Tianjin Coco-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. faced a goal to surpass the sales/profit targets, the first action by the new management team was to introduce The Pacific Institute’s Investment In Excellence® seminar to the company, helping to change the thought pattern of managers of all levels, the plant’s backbone. The seminar spanned five phases with a total enrollment of several hundred employees.

“Our attitude to life has significantly changed. Changed is our view of what is possible; strengthened is our will to overcome all difficulties. That’s how we set our belief in triumph and push transformation in our way of management with the mind of a highly successful person. Investment In Excellence® plays a significant role in our achievement, ahead of time, of a hundred billion milestone and [helped us to] surpass [our] sales/profit targets.”- Yajie Pei

Director of Human Resources, Tianjin Coco-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd.

“We have known many training courses, but Investment In Excellence® is the most significant one to us. I feel that in Investment In Excellence® we have found theoretical support for many of our practices, which confirms that we are on the right course. Investment In Excellence® also helps us to streamline our mindset. After our employees took the training, they were able to break the limitations of thinking and face problems in work and life with a positive mind. Everyone is now actively applying what is learned in Investment In Excellence® to reflect on problems, meet challenges, develop potentials, and continuously expand our comfort zones. During the outbreak of SARS in 2003 when Beijing was declared a disaster zone, we applied the thought pattern and methods from Investment In Excellence®, set our minds to win, found every possible way to out-achieve the target by 4% while other Coca-Cola plants were severely affected. Investment In Excellence® has armed the management team from Beijing to Tianjing. Three phases of Investment In Excellence® seminars were rolled out in Coca-Cola Beijing, and seven in Tianjin. We feel Investment In Excellence® is a worthy investment; a true investment in the excellence of our team. It helps the corporation to achieve excellence and helps everyone on our way to success.”- Chengping, Han

General Manager, Tianjin Coco-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd.Since rolling out and profiting from IIE in 2009, Tianjing Coco-Cola has gone through amazing changes within COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages. As a result, COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages has decided to introduce and roll out the full course of Investment In Excellence® in all its branches, more than 10 bottling plants, in 2012. The company believes that Investment In Excellence® will prove extremely beneficial to the entire group.