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​Opportunities For Learning operates under a charter with school districts, and delivers a high-quality, free public education through independent study. A charter school is an alternative, public, nonsectarian school created through a state-approved contract or charter with a school district, organized around a particular philosophy or charter that distinguishes them from traditional schools.


In one of education’s most challenging environments, PX2 for Youth was recently implemented to serve 20 of the 141 students in a South Los Angeles, California Charter School, Opportunities For Learning (OFL) - Baldwin Park site. The project’s mission statement reads: The OFL South Los Angeles community encompasses lifelong learners who value education and exercise emotional awareness, appropriate behavior and creativity. The stated goal at the outset of the programs was to use PX2 for Youth to:

  • Inform
  • Redirect past experiences
  • Promote personal inquiry
  • Change perception


  • English Language Arts - 14 of 20 students showed academic gains*
  • Math - 11 of 20 students showed academic gains*
  • 18 of 20 still enrolled (90%)
  • Students feel better, see change

*Increased in EdPerformance Scores