Montana Prison Initiative - {subtitle}


Implementing The Pacific Institute® curriculum with inmates as part of an initiative to reduce re-offending through the Department of Corrections in Montana.


The mindset of many inmates is particularly fixed and often very negative. Trust was a major issue and required a lot of work to establish and maintain. This was accomplished with tremendous results.


  • Investment in Excellence┬« and STEPS┬«.
  • Wardens trained as facilitators to roll the program out internally.


  • A pilot program for 10 offenders initially in March 2009. The program had expanded to over 400 in 2010 drawn from Montana State Prison, Montana Correctional Enterprises and Montana Women’s Prison. The popularity of the program is due to successful graduates spreading the word internally.
  • The Department of Corrections has also arranged talks to offender groups by successful graduates and facilitators of the program.
  • Spouses of some inmates were encouraged to complete the program at the same time.
  • Successful graduates of the programs act as mentors to new participants.
  • Montana Correctional Enterprises Lumber Processing division reports an increase in productivity following the inmate workers experience of the program. The pallet production team by way of example increased production from 300 pallets to over 400 pallets a day with not other change to their typical schedule.