Glasgow Disability Alliance - {subtitle}

Nature of Project

Using The Pacific Institute’s® curriculum with individuals and groups of disabled people, through a disabled people’s organisation.

The Challenge

Raising levels of self-esteem, personal efficacy, motivation and a sense of who is in control, with people who experience both physical and societal barriers in their lives.

The TPI Intervention

STEPS® and PX2® used with GDA clients.

Key Results

  • PX2® was a key component of Glasgow Disability Alliance’s successful application for funding for their ‘Rights to Reality’ project, following The Pacific Institute®’s work with young, disabled people.
  • Young people and their teachers at school have commented on positive changes in concentration, behavior, expectations and aspirations following the programs. Many observed that it was stimulating and increased knowledge, skills and self-awareness.
  • Many of the participants of the programs noted how strongly the curriculum has impacted on their self-esteem. Some have commented that the program gave them confidence to try things they would not have done otherwise.