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We help indigenous youth recognize that they do have choices in life

Most young people hold a set of beliefs and attitudes that shape their expectations of the future. In order to make positive changes in their lives, it is important for them to understand how their mind works. Only then can they take control of what they think and, consequently, have the power to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong ethical center with which to make the right choices in life. Our curriculum PX2™ has been implemented across a diverse group of indigenous youth and has proven to be a life-changing experience, not just for the individuals but also for their families. PX2™ promotes positive communication, building stronger relationships and raising levels of accountability for its participants. Our curriculum prepares these participants for the workforce and shows them how they can set higher goals for themselves. It helps develop resilience and a firm belief in themselves that will help them get to where they want to be. We can help make a positive impact on the future of indigenous youth, their families and their communities.

Raising aspirations…

We help indigenous youth make a commitment to their future and prepare for the workforce. The Pacific Institute can help deliver:

  • An increased level of self-belief to enable youth to complete their education, training and to find quality employment.
  • The essential skills needed to engage successfully in the workforce, including a higher level of sensitivity to the behavior of other people.
  • A greater level of accountability for indigenous youth, to themselves, their families and their employers.
  • A more goal- and results-oriented approach to positively change existing attitudes.
  • Heightened self-confidence and self-motivation so youth can reach their individual goals.
  • An enhanced sense of self-worth so youth can realize their potential for creativity, open-mindedness and flexibility.

“It will help me make better decisions in the future.” Youth participant “This will help me become better than I think I am.” Youth participant

Achieving positive outcomes…

Our curriculum is held in high regard across Australia. Our recent projects include the following: Kimberley TAFE Western Australia: encouraging youth to complete their educationThis organisation implemented our PX2™ curriculum as the basis from which it will build further training programs. It provided a solid foundation to change the behaviors and mindsets of youth returning to further their education.

“Many of our students come from disadvantaged groups. Trans-generational, welfare, unemployment, homelessness and indigenous Australians; our research has shown a common thread underpinning this disadvantage is low self-esteem. ‘If you think you can, you will; if you think you can’t, you are right again!’ Our indigenous staff at once saw the value [of this curriculum] and we used it as a launch pad for disengaged youth and learners returning to study… using the program from day one and reinforcing the concepts as the training program progressed produced best results”

Richard Agar, Indigenous Projects Unit, Kimberley TAFE, Broome CampusHome Valley Station, Kimberley, Western Australia: preparing trainees for the rigors of working life on a station, Kimberley Group Training Students received all their training at the station and worked towards Certificates 2 to 4 in a range of services required at Home Valley from hospitality, through to machinery, mechanic, tourism and events. The Pacific Institute curriculum was one of the first pieces of formal training they received, and it became a foundation for all further training.

“The group at Home Valley Station responded very well, and there was a keen interest in the concepts, especially from the young participants who had just finished Year 12. It was fantastic to see their eyes open to the opportunities being presented to them and to see their levels of internal control grow as the training progressed.” 

Scott Amy, Client Services Manager, Master Facilitator, The Pacific Institute, AustraliaPalm Island, Queensland: First Australian Standing Tall program: Developing capabilities and people skills to help youth enter the workforce and maximize opportunities

“Commencing July 2012, we will assist trainee tradesmen to develop people skills as well as behavior and attitudes appropriate for the workforce. In addition to trade qualifications, these skills are absolutely essential in order to prepare young people for real life in the workforce and to set them on a path to success.”