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AMP achieved greater levels of personal accountability and achievement through the work of its leadership team in identifying ‘change champions’ and focusing on enhancing staff capabilities across the organization. 

The Challenge

Initially, research and interviews conducted across the organization revealed that employees wanted more focus on accountability, personal achievement and on development opportunities for staff. It was also identified that, as an organization, AMP wanted to build a higher level of engagement as teams and individuals. A critical need to retain high performers was also identified. The main challenge was to build a culture that could help create a strong entity and a clearer focus on clients, making it easier for them to do business with the organization and its advisers.


Our strategic approach and a custom-designed curriculum - We aligned our curriculum to AMP’s strategic plan and custom designed it to fit the company’s culture-initiative plan. Since commencement, The Pacific Institute team has helped roll out workshops to hundreds of employees, and it’s also trained facilitators, allowing additional workshops to be run on-site, cost-effectively. Much of the focus has been to enhance capabilities of graduates and customer-facing staff as well as to develop employees in roles of influence, identified as change-champions. In conjunction with the leadership team, we have also evaluated the in-house facilitators and workshops to ensure that maximum value continues to be delivered to the organisation as a whole.


Strong results emerge as the project progress - As we continue our role at the company, the project shows strong results across the Sydney office of AMP Australia and its New Zealand operations.

“In a world where expectations are constantly increasing – both in terms of what we do and how we go about it – it is so important to support our people to be agile and responsive. The program, delivered in partnership with The Pacific Institute, helps us to build personal resilience, encourage people to set personal goals and align to business priorities in a way that creates more meaningful and improved results. In addition to this, the way we work with each other also improves as our people begin to understand how they personally take accountability for their role and approach and also identify what is important to them. I would highly recommend this program as a way of opening up people’s eyes to what is possible for them and to drive individuals to be passionate about how they contribute.”

Mandy Sisson, Manager, Leadership, Learning & Development  

“I have been fortunate to have facilitated [the curriculum] as Realize Your Potential (Air NZ) and Achieving Personal Excellence (AMP). There have been so many learnings for both myself and of course attendees. However, some of the most powerful are as follows: The material lends itself so well as a change catalyst. Often when the plan for change is announced, little consideration is given for the often deeply embedded barriers to change. I have seen IIPE equip attendees with both individual and, via Pygmalion, new collective mindsets, allowing them to accept change with less anxiety.”

Peter Cordes, Leadership and Learning Consultant, AMP NZ

Participant feedback confirms we’re on track with a winning culture…

“Great program, uplifting; a course for the whole (personal, business, team) spectrum of an individual’s life.”

“Without a doubt the most useful, insightful and enjoyable program I have done. ” 

“It will change my life forever.”