A Better Los Angeles Project - {subtitle}


The groundbreaking A Better Los Angeles (ABLA) project was set up in 2002 by leaders of the community from schools, law enforcement, social-service agencies and faith-based agencies to work with disengaged young people, with a prime objective of reducing gang violence in that community.

The Challenge

The enormity of its task cannot be overstated. California has about 85,000 gang members and over 600 gang-related murders a year. Many millions are spent every year on prison custody for gang-based offenders.

The TPI Intervention

  • A variant of The Pacific Institute®’s Investment in Excellence® program known as Imagine 21®.
  • Key people from The LA Department of Family Service, the LA Police Department and former gang members and local leaders were trained to facilitate the programs.

Key Results

  • 500 people in gang affected communities experienced the curriculum between 2002 and 2004.
  • Subsequent facilitator training has seen the programs rolled out to thousands more.
  • Communities formed partnerships with key stakeholder groups to provide activities in arts, counselling, vocational training and other specialized programs.
  • Street violence has decreased significantly in some areas and community involvement has increased exponentially.
  • Areas that were “no go” zones previously are now more accessible.