Our approach, rooted in the principles of cognitive and social sciences, can be customized to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Delivering customized solutions to improve performance.

We’ve built our solutions based on the universal principles of cognitive and social science, which draw from multiple research disciplines including psychology, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, neuroscience, and biology. Our methods are guided by an understanding that individuals can adapt to change if they see value in it and are directly involved in its creation.Our customized, flexible, and experiential model makes it easy for clients to engage with us at the personal, leadership, team, or organizational level. We help clients learn how self-imposed, limiting beliefs prevent them from realizing their full potential and we challenge them to overcome perceived obstacles. We also provide insights into how culture impacts the performance of organizations and their members.



Our engagement begins with discovery and information gathering to determine client needs. We use a variety of diagnostic tools to guide our assessment. When working with organizations we evaluate leadership, organizational alignment, and culture. We provide the leadership with an in-depth analysis of our findings as well as our recommendations.



Once our research findings have been compiled and analyzed, we tailor our approach to meet the clients’ specific objectives. We prepare organizational leadership for the next phase of engagement. With their involvement, we craft a roadmap to achieve alignment throughout either the entire organization or those functions involved in the engagement.



After building the plan for alignment, we employ tools that translate the latest research in cognitive science into practical concepts, providing the organization and individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to take the organization to the new level of performance. The people are actively involved in the design of new methods and approaches, which is critical to raising their individual performance.



Our engagements are built to benefit clients not only in the short term, but also in the years following initial implementation. We provide ongoing support to ensure new skills are being maintained to continually elevate performance. Once new levels of performance are achieved, we focus on internal structures and systems which often need to be re-calibrated. Finally, we measure the growth from the start of our engagement and provide the organization with fine tuning approaches it can use to improve even further, thereby sustaining the momentum.